Why Resilience Training?

In a time of unprecedented turbulence and chaos, personal resilience is the most important quality for remaining healthy, resourceful and able to perform. In the current Corona virus crisis it is essential to be able to manage our states, know how to create valuable outcomes, navigate uncertainty, communicate precisely and artfully and understand how to proceed in the unfolding complexity and chaos. Resilience By Design enables all of these capabilities and more.

Here's what you'll get...

  • Tried-and-Tested

    Proven methodologies that are evidence based, theory backed and practitioner led. Our program designers have over 40 years combined experience in teaching. Our programs have been approved and implemented at Universities.

  • Self Paced Learning

    Over 70 bite-sized learning pieces, across 20 modules. Unlimited access to 20 interviews and over 30 hours of learning content that never expires. Our learning modules are practical, concise and actionable.

  • Available 24/7

    You can access Resilence by Design on any device, learning at your own pace anywhere you have an internet connection. You don’t have to attend workshops or carry manuals.

Resilience by Design to the Point

  • Develop and apply resilience techniques that enable enhanced individual and organizational wellbeing and performance.

  • Create effective solutions to mitigate stress and learn to master decision-making in your professional and personal life.

  • Enhance and fine-tune your emotional states.

  • Make sustainable changes easily, authentically and unconsciously.

  • Detach from knee-jerk reactions and overly emotive experiences to gain more awareness, more perspective and more clarity in action.

  • Develop the ability to overcome self-doubt and resolve inner conflicts.

  • Learn personal pattern recognition to identify your triggers that lead to poor performance.

  • Effortlessly access flow states, creativity and learn to quiet your thinking to experience more focus.

Pricing options

University level program at a fraction of the cost

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Resilience By Design

    • Glossary of Terms

    • Workbook #1

    • Stress, Resilience and Choice

    • The Need for Great Sleep

  • 2

    Making Sense of your World to be Successful

    • Workbook #2

    • Introduction to Sensemaking

    • Pattern Detection

    • Improving Decision Making

    • Exaptation

  • 3

    Hidden Biases that Influence Us

    • Workbook #3

    • The Conscious and the Unconscious

    • Experience and Interpretation

    • Visual Bias

    • Inattentional Blindness

    • Extension - Neuroscience of Decision Making

  • 4

    Developing Resilience

    • Workbook #4

    • The Importance of State

    • The Chain of Excellence

    • High Performance Breathing

    • The Body Scan

  • 5

    Making the Most of Different Perspectives

    • Workbook #5

    • Introduction to Perceptual Positions

    • First Position

    • Second Position

    • Third Position

  • 6

    Creating Your Version of High Performance

    • Workbook #6

    • The Benefits of Flow State

    • The Solar Panel Exercise

    • Embodied Visualisation

    • The Alphabet Game

  • 7

    Reviewing your Performance

    • Workbook #7

    • Managing Attention

    • Minnie Ingersoll's 'Enough' List

    • Giving Yourself Feedback

  • 8

    The Art of Getting Along with Others

    • Workbook #8

    • Introduction to Rapport

    • Elements of Rapport

    • Developing Rapport with a Group

    • Extension - The Neuroscience of Rapport

  • 9

    Creating Value

    • Workbook #9

    • Introduction to Creating Value

    • Creating Valuable Outcomes

    • Problem, Remedy, Outcome

    • Quiz: Problem, Remedy, Outcome

  • 10

    Creating Outcomes and Goals

    • Workbook #10

    • Outcome, Intention, Consequences

    • SMARTER Outcomes

    • Vectors

  • 11

    Communication Fundamentals

    • Workbook #11

    • The Cat Plays with a Ball of String

    • The Loftus and Palmer Experiments

    • Framing for Maximum Impact

    • Paraphrase and Repeat Back

  • 12

    Communicating Effectively

    • Workbook #12

    • Artfully Vague

    • Presenting Using Hierarchies

    • Pitching - Pains, Gains, Values

    • Extension - Neuroscience of Metaphor

    • Metamodel Quiz: MBTI and Astrology

  • 13

    A Simple Framework for Employment

    • Workbook #13


    • Preparing to be Interviewed

    • Preparing to Interview

  • 14

    Bringing it all Together

    • Workbook #14

    • Lifestyle by Design

    • The Doorstep Pattern

    • Four Choices Recap

  • 15

    Resilience By Design Survey

    • Resilience By Design Feedback Survey


  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You have lifetime access, no limits!

  • What if I purchase the course and I'm not satisfied?

    We're so confident you'll love it, we want you to be able to try it risk-free for 30 days. If you don't like it, send an email to team@frontlinemind.com and we'll give you a full refund.