Who & What is Frontline Mind?

Our programs enable people to survive and thrive in an ever more complex, turbulent world.

The founders of Frontline Mind, Ian Snape and Mike Weeks, met and partnered with a joint understanding and approach to human performance. This approach asserts that with the right support, everyone can develop life-changing states of resilience, clarity, purpose, excellence and wellbeing.

Prior to forming Frontline Mind, Ian and Mike both coached and trained individuals and teams across diverse domains. These include elite sport, first responders (firefighters, ambulance and police) business, education, the military (including special forces) and many hundreds of people who were the victims of natural disasters.  

Building and expanding upon their combined experience, Frontline Mind now provide solutions to the greatest problems that people face today. Some of these areas include stress, overburden and burnout; decision fatigue, ineffective communication, poor and inauthentic leadership as well as recovery from significant traumatic events and bullying.

Our approach is outcome focused, enabling people to have more of what they desire such as resilience, clarity, productivity, connection and the ability to excel in any task undertaken. 

We hold the view that organisations of all sizes and purpose now hold the key to an improved global future. Our part in creating that future is to enable people to have choice in how they improve their career and personal life experiences, and to support the development of anyone who wants to thrive amongst complexity, high pressure, change and uncertainty. 

Our deep commitment to supporting the success of our clients is a commitment to making our shared world a considerably better place.